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How quickly we forget.

Weren't these the same morons that led the charge from "large contracts" to "stupid contracts"? Has memory so short-sighted them that they forgot about the lasting effects that their own free-spending idiocy brought upon baseball merely a handful of years ago?


  • 5 years and $60M for a 31 year old who, after two miserable seasons in Philadelpia, leads the AL in ERA and still manages a sub-.500 record with a contending team!
  • 4 years and $880K for a 49 year old President who, after 4 miserable years at the helm, leads the American charge into unthreatening territory thus embarrassing a once proud Nation!

Thanks Texas. Glad you're a part of the Union.

2 Responses to “Chan Ho Millwood”

  1. Anonymous Daniel 

    I am starting up Redbirds Fun, a blog devoted to Cardinal baseball.

  2. Anonymous dave 

    this is AWESOME...

    i just bought one and plan on wearing it to wrigley field this year.

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